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ASI's Hardware Solutions work hard for your business.

One mobile unit to manage the records center AND shredding operation!

ASI Mobile® Makes It Easy As 1, 2, 3

ASI has capitalized on today's scanning technology with the latest equipment from Symbol Technologies and Intermec, resulting in ASI Mobile. ASI Mobile runs on Microsoft® Pocket PC with SQL Server and .NET and has received its "Designed for Windows Mobile Certification" from Microsoft. ASI Mobile packs a powerful productivity punch with innovative tools that integrate, simplify and streamline daily operations.

One Unit – Three Programs
Not only does ASI Mobile contain the driver scanning application, it also houses Veri-Shred and Visual Corporate Keeper (VCK-SQL) scanning applications. Whether your driver is servicing a destruction bin, delivering a carton or file, or working in the warehouse, ASI Mobile provides one solution to successfully tackle all of your business requirements.

Cable-Free Connectivity
Communication from the scanner to the portable receipt printer is managed by Bluetooth wireless technology - no more cables to get in the way.

Digital Signature Capture
Customers sign their signatures directly on the scanner screen. This signature is downloaded from Driver Scanning to the work order in VCK-SQLor Veri-Shred and may be reproduced at any time by simply reprinting the work order.

Enhanced Error Trapping
By uploading the work orders to the scanner, you have the most advanced error trapping available.

  • Load Verification – verify that all items being loaded onto the truck are also on the work orders for delivery.
  • Scan Validation – point of delivery verification that items being delivered are on the work order for delivery.

Data Exchange
Allows for the wireless transfer of work orders and all associated delivery items from one scanner to another using Infrared technology.

Prefix Precision
Eliminate barcode headaches. ASI Mobile allows scanners to be warehouse specific by hardcoding warehouse prefixes to each applicable barcode.

No Battery? No Data Loss.
The Pocket PC uses two types of memory: volatile and non-volatile. All information in ASI Mobile is stored as non-volatile memory, meaning that it will not be lost even in the case of a hard reboot (reset) of the scanner.

VCK-SQL Warehouse Scanning

Manage warehouse activity with ease and accuracy with ASI Mobile’s VCK-SQL warehouse scanning technology:

Scan Pattern Specific
The latest addition to VCK-SQL warehouse scanning is the option to select the pattern in which to scan, whether it be boxes or files. For boxes, you can select the standard pattern of location-box-location or scan in the new pattern of location-box-box. The file warehouse scanning provides the scanning options of standard box-file-box pattern or the new pattern of box-file-file.

Scan boxes in and out.
VCK-SQL warehouse scanning allows you to scan boxes into locations, boxes out
of locations, and scan boxes destroyed or permanently withdrawn. You have the option to scan a customer’s box number as you are scanning boxes to locations, which will be placed into the customer box number field in VCK-SQL if the field is empty at the time of downloading the scanner.

Scan files in and out.
Scan files to boxes, files out of boxes, or stage files.

Review your scanned items.
Easily confirm scanned items. VCK-SQL warehouse scanning collects a complete profile of each item including:

  • Action
  • Type (box or file)
  • Item (barcode)
  • Location
  • Customer box #
  • Initials of user
  • Time

If an item should need to be deleted, this is easily accomplished as well.

Download warehouse scans to VCK-SQL.
Download data effortlessly from the scanner directly into VCK-SQL with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction.

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Veri-Shred Scanning

Scan bins that are serviced in the field.
Scan Bins collects information about each bin being serviced. Here is where bins are scanned in, out, tipped, or checked. The capacity or weight of each bin is also collected, if desired. There are several new features in the latest release: the ability to “check” a bin and record its capacity or weight without scanning it out or tipped. Mark a bin as “not found”. Use transient barcodes for additional items not on the schedule.

Print shred receipts for stops.

Print shred receipts for service orders.
Print Certificate allows you to print one receipt for an entire Service Order. The receipts that you receive from the Scan Bins option only print for one stop at a time. Here you can print one receipt for all stops on one Service Order.

Delete scanned bins.
Bins can be deleted in the scanner, if necessary. From here, you can also review the list of bins that you have scanned.

Verify scanned bins.
Verify Bins allows you to go back at a later time and add the capacity or weight of a previously scanned bin. For instance, if the weight is not recorded until returning to the plant, the weight can be left empty at the time of servicing the bin. Upon return to the plant, the weight may be entered into the scanner through Verify Bins. From here, you may also review what action you took with each bin and the capacity or weight that was entered.

Review scanned bins.

Download warehouse scans to Veri-Shred.
Download data effortlessly from the scanner directly into Veri-Shred with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction.

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