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ASI Backup

Simple solutions to help you manage your systems .

ASI Backup is a utility which backs up SQL tables that ASI's VCK-SQL and other ASI products interface with. Many of our customers use file level backup which is unable to backup from SQL and competitive packages can be very expensive. ASI Backup is an effective tool to backup and restore that data to a removable media device, or network location for further offsite storage. Simple, secure and automated once installed.

Here are a few of the application features that designate ASI Backup and ASI as leaders in the industry:

Runs as a service.
Doesn't require a user to log in to the program to start the application.

Email notifications.
Email notifications will be sent anytime a failed backup occurs. ASI can also be notified by email in the event of a failure. Successful backups can also be emailed to an administrator.

It’s all about control.
Backup of your SQL databases can occur on the schedule that you decide.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Time of day
  • Keep backups for X # of days

Restores will automatically overwrite your "Live" SQL database. Simple views can be completed through locating the correct backup file on the network.




These are just a few of the key features offered by ASI Backup. Contact us today for more information about how ASI Backup and our full family of proven ASI information management software solutions can work for you.