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Performance. Results. Powerful software for records centers.

Imagine records center software that originated from a successful offsite records center; accuracy, security and simplicity essential ingredients to its functionality and design. Experience information management solutions that work and work well together, growing as you grow to include ASI’s media vault and destruction applications. Originally launched as Visual Corporate Keeper® in 1985, VCK-SQL has helped records centers automate procedures, lower costs and increase revenue and productivity. Fully integrated and icon-driven, VCK-SQL is easy-to-use and compatible with 99% of today’s operating systems for both workstations and networks. Easily customizable, each data entry screen can be designed to meet your unique requirements. Its over 200 reports provide maximum data for critical operations and management analysis. As your business grows, so too will your appreciation for the robust features offered by this powerful information management software package.

Here are a few of the performance features that continue to designate Visual Corporate Keeper and ASI as leaders in the industry.

Customizable Location Configuration
We set the system to match your records center’s location configuration, allowing you to establish location grid coordinates to meet your needs.

Dynamic Warehouse System
Maximize use of space in your warehouse and reduce labor costs with VCK-SQL’s dynamic warehouse system that allows boxes to be moved from one location to another with a simple barcode scan. Integrated reporting assures 100% accuracy for your warehouse.

“Just Ask!” Search & Query
Our powerful search & query function. Enter as much or as little as is known about the requested item and VCK-SQL will display a table of all matching data with identifying numbers. Continue to narrow your search with subsequent searches on the same subset of data as needed.

Web Access
Enjoy more rapid service and reduced costs for you and your clients with our flexible web access options.  ASI-hosted InfoKeeper is the web-based solution of choice when IT resources are limited and ease-of-use is vital. For records centers with a preference for hosting client software in-house, VCKweb.NET is a smart option. Both offer complete security and facilitate numerous account management tasks. Whether hosted by ASI or hosted in-house, VCK-SQL interfaces seamlessly with each solution.

Work Order Automation
Easily automate work order activity by utilizing VCK-SQL’s web access applications, the VCK-SQL Scheduler and ASI’s Mobile Scanning capabilities. By pre-loading work order data into the mobile barcode scanner, critical client information is “in-hand” to streamline service and ensure accountability via point-of-delivery scan verification. This important feature provides chain of custody logs, while automating the day-end reconciliation process. This automates processes for both operations and billing, and provides a complete audit trail for your customer’s vital information.

Audit Trail
Intelligent audit controls accurately and consistently provide “cradle to grave” tracking of client information, while incorporating checks & balances to locate items with a complete scan history, including the employee who performed the transaction, the date and time it took place. A barcode reader controls the status of all items – not the work order. Other essential tracking features include:

  • Barcode verification of all transactions.
  • Detailed activity history for all transactions.
  • Item status controlled by laser barcode reader
  • Item status available online via InfoKeeper and VCKweb.NET .
  • Eighteen status categories for accurate inventory control.

Intuitive Scheduler
Cases and other items known to rotate on a regular basis can be easily managed with the VCK-SQL Scheduler and Calendar. Define the frequency an item is to be rotated: Mondays weekly; Tuesday every other week; last Friday of every month and so forth. Once rotation is defined, a calendar consolidates all the information into one screen, allowing users to quickly determine required tasks based on pre-defined schedules displaying customer name, address and items for pickup and/or delivery.

Global Pricing Functionality
Save data entry time and streamline operations with VCK-SQL’s “Price Cloning” and “Price Increase” features. Price Cloning allows the records center to duplicate pricing from an existing customer to a new customer. The Price Increase feature further simplifies operations by globally modifying storage and/or service pricing and can do so across your entire customer base or a select few.

Route Optimization Plus
By combining the powerful route optimization technologies of MS MapPoint and Logistics Solutions Group RoutePerfect, VCK-SQL suggests an optimal route to service multiple add-resses, minimizing time and miles driven. The time spent per stop, speed and the route actually taken can also be tracked via a GPS unit. Compare actual routes with the suggested routes to identify discrepancies. A nice bonus is that daily routes are automatically created from the work orders, eliminating the need to double-key addresses to a route-based software application. The end result is simplified routing, increased number of stops per truck and a reduction of route miles and overtime.

Easy E-billing & Invoicing Options
Invoicing is effortless – and less expensive – with VCK-SQL’s fast and efficient E-billing functionality. Invoicing is made it even easier with an intuitive billing interface that exports data to popular accounting software applications, utilizing pre-existing accounting/GL codes. Other value-packed features include:

  • Minimum billing for services and/or retention.
  • Retention and service billing by carton type or item type.
  • Prorate retention and destruction (full, half-month or daily)
  • Departmental billing with separate invoices for up to three sub-levels.
  • Multiple invoicing options, including tiered pricing (cumulative or total units.
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing provides maximum flexibility.
  • Invoices can contain multiple invoice reports, including summaries and departmental breakdowns.

Powerful Reporting
Key information is readily available with VCK-SQL’s 200+ operational and management reports. Examples include Carton and File Inventory Reports, Destruction Notifications, Inventory Analysis, and Revenue Summaries. Particularly noteworthy are our System Integrity Reports to ensure your database is clean and consistent.

“Self-contained” Software
VCK-SQL’s integrated barcode label printing software makes it easy to print labels in-house rather than ordering from your software vendor. We’ve also incorporated PDF writer software to make invoicing a breeze. Simply said, with VCK-SQL, there is no need to purchase “add on” software programs to run your business.