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Real time. Real results. Web-based records center-hosted software.

VCKweb.NET™ is ASI’s online records management solution that provides records center clients with direct access to their information assets. Hosted and maintained by the records center, VCKweb.NET interfaces seamlessly with Visual Corporate Keeper-SQL® (VCK-SQL®), ASI’s dynamic records center software. Clients are able to view and edit their box and file inventory information, generate service requests, search and query their records inventory, export inventory reports and much more – all from a single-center database in real time via the web. Completely secure, yet flexible in its architecture, VCKweb.NET provides records centers with a client-driven service solution that will streamline processes and boost customer satisfaction.

Here are a few of the performance features that designate VCKweb.NET and ASI as leaders in the industry:

Anywhere, anytime access to account information.
Because it is a web-based solution, records center clients using VCKweb.NET will appreciate the ability to conduct business tasks from anywhere, at any time. With its easy-to-use browser interface, clients can:

  • Perform data entry at the box and file level.
  • Request/retrieve boxes or files.
  • Perform custom searches and queries.
  • Process items for destruction.
  • Process items for permanent withdrawal.
  • Check status of items in the off-site records center.
  • Even order empty cartons!

VCKweb.NET is also easily accessible from a Macintosh, PC, or any other computer platform equipped with a web browser.

Get more done with fewer mistakes.
Client requests are generated via the web. Service requests are then created automatically at the off-site records center, reducing chances for error and increasing productivity.

It’s all about control.
The Client Administrator controls access by defining users, their access and ability to perform specific actions such as permanent withdrawal. User access is limited to a department or group of departments utilizing Group Security. The administrative toolbox also features the ability to create departmental-specific data entry and search and query templates for cartons and files. There is also the ability to view the User Action History reports which detail specific actions by employees. An additional utility is available enabling the Client Administrator to add and access key contacts within VCKweb.NET.

It’s a custom fit.
The Grid Manager allows the Client Administrator to customize screens for individual departments by defining the screen layout, changing the field names, deciding what fields are displayed and the order in which they appear. If custom screens by department are not necessary, a system-wide single default screen can be used for all departments. The records center is also able to customize with its corporate logo and color scheme.

Get it fast – without risking reliability.
Designed using an advanced server-side programming framework, VCKweb.NET is extremely responsive. This means that data can be accessed quickly by a few or many – without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Data management that is in synchrony.
Account information can be accessed and maintained by multiple users and is added directly to VCK-SQL.

Search capabilities that deliver results.
Multiple search screens are history. VCKweb.NET features a single search and query screen to simplify searches, making it easier to find that box or file the first time. Clients are able to search for boxes and files by multiple fields, such as item number, description or date to name a few. Batch searches can also be conducted where multiple item requests are accomplished with one search.

Sophisticated security for controlled access.
Off-site records centers hosting VCKweb.NET and their clients who use it, can be confident data is protected from unauthorized access. Enhanced security features include:

  • Domain and IP-based security, limiting access to VCKweb.NET to a specified IP address or domain.
  • Optional two-factor authentication requiring two sets of sequential logins.
  • Optional SSL deployment to create a secure connection between the client and host server, providing an extra independent layer of security.
  • Utilization of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to allow software access only to clients within the VPN. The application can also be accessible within the off-site record center’s Intranet – completely eliminating exposure to the Internet.
  • Ability to sit in a “Screened Subnet”, or DMZ, separate from the server that hosts the VCK-SQL data for added protection and security.

Reporting made easy.
A simple Excel export utility enables users to extract reports online for immediate viewing, downloading or printing from their workstations – no more waiting for reports to be delivered.

These are just a few of the key features offered by VCKweb.NET. Contact us today for more information about how VCKweb.NET and our full family of proven ASI information management software solutions can work for you.