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Visual Vault Keeper®

Secure. Accurate. Specifically designed for the vault environment.

Your customers trust you with their critical data. You should trust the only offsite tape management software designed specifically for the vault environment. A market leader for more than 10 years, ASI’s Visual Vault Keeper® provides accurate and secure management of your customer’s offsite tape media.

Maintaining accuracy, yet remaining flexible, Visual Vault Keeper interfaces seamlessly with your customers’ Tape Management Software (TMS). Its Records Center and interfacing Client versions facilitate the transfer of deposit, withdrawal, audit and disaster recovery lists from the client mainframe TMS or other client-specified means via FTP, email or diskette.

The weakest link in any information management system is human error. Visual Vault Keeper’s administrative “closed loop” program virtually eliminates the occurrence of time consuming and costly mistakes. This is accomplished via its Audit Module, which provides barcode verification inventory by Volser and slot number. Again, these results can then be electronically transferred via email, FTP or diskette.

Here are a few more performance features that continue to designate Visual Vault Keeper and ASI as leaders in the industry.
  • Ensures accurate movement of tapes between customer and offsite location via scan verification, eliminating the possibility of human error.
  • Serves multiple clients, as well as clients with multiple vaults, using existing volume serial number barcode labels to verify the transfer of tapes from customer site to the offsite facility. This is extremely valuable as it provides an accurate rotation history for every tape.
  • Improves the number of tapes/units processed in an hour because application of records center barcodes is not required. This also lessens the possibility of error and maintains an audit trail from the client site to the offsite facility.
  • Performs audits of customer tapes quickly, easily and most importantly - accurately, by utilizing integrated barcode scanner technology.
  • Includes scan comparison capability, ensuring accuracy.
  • Works independently from your hardcopy software or in conjunction with Visual Corporate Keeper - a true Vault Management Application.
  • Verifies disaster recovery pulls prior to shipment to a hot site location.
  • Accommodates non-TMS tapes via its own auto-slotting capabilities, assuring maximum utilization of available space in the vault.
  • Allows reports to be printed in slot order, volume serial number order or data set name.
  • Uses various means of communication to send TMS information to the offsite vendor.
  • Interprets a wide variety of barcode symbologies, including tri-optic labels.
  • Allows the customer the choice of scanning equipment to meet budget and operating requirements.
  • Accommodates non-TMS tapes (such as LAN systems) by adding descriptions and scheduled return dates (out-of-date withdrawals), enabling this information to be tracked and to preset the dates upon which the tapes should be returned to the customer.