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Online and accessible. Records center-hosted vault software for clients.

VVKweb.NET™ is ASI’s most comprehensive, feature-rich off-site media management solution. Employing SQL database technology, considered the most robust, secure database technology available, VVKweb.NET is managed, maintained and controlled by the records center. Working in conjunction with Visual Vault Keeper® (VVK), clients are able to view and update media information, manage deposits and withdrawals, search and query the inventory and much more – all from a single-center database in real time via the web.

VVKweb.NET delivers measurable business benefits: streamlined processes, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction. It all adds up to giving you a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive business environment. Here are a few of the performance features that designate VVKweb.NET and ASI as leaders in the industry:

Automated Processes
Client requests are generated via the web. Work and service orders are then created automatically at the records center, reducing chances for error and streamlining processes.

Client Controlled
The Client Administrator can setup users, security access per user, customize names and field positions, view user activity reports and much more. Passwords can also be changed by the client.

Client Driven
Clients are able to accomplish basic account management tasks such as creating deposits and withdrawals of tapes, into or out of the offsite vault. These transactions also initiate requests for service. The result is fewer errors and faster service.

The Grid Manager allows users to customize their screens by changing the field names and the order in which they appear. Screen changes are reflected for all users.

Extremely flexible, VVKweb.NET allows a company to identify multiple departments within their account, multiple vaults can be designated within departments and multiple media types can be defined within vaults.

Intuitive Ease of Use
Intuitive controls and page handling (no more back button timeouts) ensure tasks are accomplished effortlessly. User data entry is also maintained between visits, improving efficiency.

Users can create reports online for immediate viewing and printing from their workstations. No waiting for reports to be delivered from the records center.

Online & On-Demand
With its easy-to-use browser interface, vault clients can:

  • Perform their own data entry including: track tape descriptions, assign slots, schedule “out date” withdrawals.
  • Request/retrieve tapes.
  • Request tape pickups and returns.
  • Perform custom searches and queries.
  • Create PDF reports of query results or export data into Excel, dbf, or ASCII format.
  • Create packing lists for deposits for driver verification and signature.
  • Check status of items in the off site tape library.

Self-Managed Database
Account information specific to the records center can be accessed and maintained by multiple users via VVK web.NET’s locally maintained database that interfaces with Visual Vault Keeper®, ASI’s state-of-the-art media vault software.

Superior Search Capability
With dynamic reporting, clients are able to search for tapes held offsite by any query plus sort (such as item number, media type, or date to name a few).

Multi-Layer System Security
Records centers hosting VVKweb.NET, and their clients, can be confident data is protected from unauthorized access. Enhanced security features include:

  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be utilized to allow software access only to clients within the VPN. The application can also be accessible within the records center’s Intranet and not be exposed to the Internet at all.
  • Domain and IP-Based Security
  • Two-Factor Authentication requiring two sets of sequential logins. The first login is controlled by the records center and the second login is controlled by the user.