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Unique to Veri-Shred is its most innovative feature - its integration with superior routing technology solutions to drastically improve business results plant-based on mobile shredding operations.


Setting a higher standard of performance for the destruction industry.

Veri-Shred® is the most advanced, yet easy-to-use software available for the destruction industry. Boasting a long list of powerful features such as dynamic route optimization, accurate bin inventory and integrated scanner functionality, Veri-Shred destruction software ensures service efficiency and responsiveness. Fully loaded and extremely flexible, Veri-Shred works equally well for plant-based and mobile destruction operations. Veri-Shred also integrates seamlessly with ASI’s records center management software – invaluable for operations with plans to incorporate records storage into their existing lines of service.

Here are a few of the performance features that designate Veri-Shred and ASI as leaders in the information destruction industry:

Accurate Bin Inventory
Provides accurate inventory of bin assets with the assignment of a permanent barcode number. The bin is then integrated into inventory. At any point in time, bin locations can be easily determined, as well as size, type, age and condition of each. Bin inventories can also be quickly accomplished at customer locations.

Advanced Mobile Functionality
Veri-Shred’s ASI Mobile scanning streamlines business processes to maximize service and ensure account-ability. Service orders preloaded into the mobile scanning device provide critical client information and proof of service at client site by capturing driver activities while on the road. Activities include bins requiring service and their locations, whether it is per lbs or per tip, bin volume level at time of service and much more. Signature capture and onsite printing of destruction certificates via Bluetooth communication rounds out this easy to use, yet powerful customer service tool.

Concise Calendar Tool
An intuitive calendar, viewed by month or by week, can be filtered by route, customer, or service address. Meters are displayed for each day, which fill and change color as route thresholds are approached, thus providing the tools to quickly make adjustments by truck and/or route. Easily adjust customer service dates as needed with a simple right-click and new service date selection.

Flexible Scheduling
Extremely flexible, yet powerful, scheduling customers for service is easier than ever before. Accommodate any service schedule including three- and four-week schedules, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, multiple stops per week, monthly and bi-monthly schedules (just to name a few). Apply schedules to an address or individual bins within the address. Pre-scheduling of one-time pickups and cleanouts is also possible.

Efficient Routing
Powerful integration with suprior routing technology applications provide business-critical route optimization. From straigh-forward routing and re-routing to multi-address service and beyond, our routing solutions are proven to help reduce route mileage and overtime.

Effortless Invoicing & E-Billing
Offers numerous invoicing options. Bill by the tip, by weight or hourly. Establish flat monthly rates, or monthly minimums for low volume customers. Invoice daily, weekly, or monthly or integrate with ASI’s records center software to generate one invoice for both shredding and records storage services. Simplify billing time and improve receivables by utilizing Veri-Shred’s E-Billing functionality to automatically email invoices in PDF format to customers. (No more printing or postage and stuffing of envelopes.) As with all ASI applications, Veri-Shred includes a billing interface for popular accounting software applications that utilizes your established accounting/GL codes. Easy!

On-demand Activity History
Ensures an accurate bin activity history via its barcode verification feature. By scanning the bin barcode label at point-of-service, a bin activity history is created which includes the time of service, who serviced it, the location of the bin, the capacity and/or weight. Additional bins serviced during the visit will be automatically added to the service receipt as well as to the work order and invoice.

Robust Reporting
Complete and comprehensive reporting function provides key management reports, accurately tracks bin activity, inventory and destruction certificates and much more.

Find discrepancies and reduce repeat visits to the same geographic area with the Route Stop Analysis Report.

Provide drivers with an overview of a specifi c day’s activities with the Daily Run Sheet and Daily Activity Report.

Determine the number and type of bins serviced, as well as the service action and capacities/weights for bins serviced during a specified date or date range with the Bin Activity and Bin Aging Reports.

Use the Bin Placement Average Usage Summary to determine customer bin usage and whether service schedules should be modified or additional containers provided.

Use the Active Bin Placements Not Serviced Report to gain critical information on containers that have been placed, but never serviced – a valuable report to ensure inventory is being fully utilized and critical for operations with high levels of “oncall” service.

Analyze bin inventory using the Current Inventory Report to determine what percentage of bin inventory is in service and what percentage of business each customer represents.

Seamless Integration
Completely Windows-compatible and easy to use. Requires no special software interface and presents no compatibility issues. Streamlined Service Level Agreements Heightens the quality of customer service by incorporating specific bin activity detail features such as the amount of paper in the bin during the service visit. Such information enables adherence to service level agreements and modification as needed to better suit client requirements.

Versatile Management Console
The Management Console provides functionality that enables administrators to conduct operational assessments as needed. For example, service schedules can be flagged, alerting staff of soon-to expire contracts. Users can either delete the schedules or extend the schedule life for those that will continue. In total, the Management Console provides users the ability to customize up to seven functionalities that can be automatically launched with every login, ensuring critical business measurements are monitored and readily accessible.