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Solutions for Plant-Based Destruction

It's more than information destruction.
There's a new way of thinking about destruction these days. Companies are learning that it's as important to know when to destroy information, as what is destroyed. Recent examples of the fallout of poorly managed RIM programs demonstrate the importance of corporate accountability in their information management and destruction practices. To neglect this responsibility can result in hefty fines or even greater consequences.

That's where your company steps in, securely disposing of clients' sensitive business information. You aren't shredding paper or destroying CD's or videotape. You're providing peace-of-mind to your customers.

Redefining excellence in destruction software.
Veri-Shred , ASI's information destruction software is specifically designed for the shredding industry. Flexible and customizable, it is a solution that provides:

Accountability and accuracy of each and every transaction via superior scanning capabilities utilizing software technology such as Microsoft's Pocket PC software, SQL Server CE and VB.NET

Nimble response and service with point-of-service barcode verification and transaction records

Records management and accounting software integration , reducing headaches and inefficiency with a seamless software platform

Flexibility through exceptional scheduling options

Veri-Shred offers these benefits and more in a truly comprehensive and flexible software solution, enabling your destruction business to run more smoothly and profitably.

Learn more about Veri-Shred destruction software for your information destruction business - a proven performer in a demanding business world.