Solutions for Corporate Records Centers

Your company relies on you.

Your role as corporate records manager has never been more important than it is today. Complicated and stringent regulatory requirements, combined with ever-increasing demands to do more with less, stipulate that your company’s information be organized, accessible and compliant.

To accomplish these tasks requires a software solution that operates effortlessly within your corporate RIM framework to drive costs down, productivity up and to ensure proper retention of the company’s vital information.

You can rely on ASI.

ASI software solutions help you innovate to achieve maximum productivity, while protecting your corporate interests, by aligning IT with records management needs. ASI software easily fits your business requirements rather than your business adjusting to its capabilities. With ASI, you can:

Automate records and information management functions based on business needs and policy.

Boost productivity by streamlining processes and workflow, integrating people, departments and technology.

Optimize space and resource management, reducing storage costs and improving efficiencies.

Minimize potential exposure to costly litigation through proper retention procedures.

Over 800 customers around the globe trust ASI’s software solutions as the cornerstone of their records center infrastructure.