Government Records Centers

Protecting and preserving history

The success or failure of records management in government reaches beyond today, affecting access to important documents and information that comprise a country's history. Yet government agencies, like other organizations today, face a host of challenges including exploding data growth, managing information across departments and/or facilities, adhering to increased regulatory requirements - and accomplishing it all with resources stretched to their limits.

To successfully preserve history for today and into tomorrow depends upon the effective use of information systems.

ASI offers modern-day solutions

ASI software solutions enable government agencies, large and small, to meet stringent records protection requirements and meet the demands of their customers - quickly, accurately and securely. ASI software solutions provide government agencies with:

Security through audit controls that provide "cradle to grave" tracking of information while incorporating checks and balances to locate items with a complete scan history.

Flexibility, adapting to the way you work and seamlessly integrating into your existing operations.

Automation of records and information management functions based on information management needs and policy.

Control of the complex network of documents and information with point-to-point tracking capabilities.

Over 800 customers around the globe trust ASI's software solutions as the cornerstone of their records center infrastructure.