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The success of your company is too important to leave in the hands of the untested or the untrained. That's why some of the most successful companies managing information today do so with Andrews Software.

ASI software products are specifically designed for the information management industry. With its first records management software written in 1984, ASI today offers a spectrum of industry-tailored, proven solutions for information management companies around the globe.

And whether your business is hardcopy, media, or information destruction, ASI has the industry and technical expertise to create integrated solutions to propel your business toward success.

Software for records centers

Commercial , government and corporate records centers rely on the sophisticated, yet flexible Visual Corporate Keeper SQL ® (VCK-SQL) to effectively manage hardcopy information. For over 20 years, VCK has helped records centers automate procedures, lower costs and increase revenue and productivity.

InfoKeeper™ provides records centers with a powerful Internet-based solution whereby clients gain control and access to their account information through a web server from anywhere in the world.

With VCKweb.NET™ ASI delivers the functions and flexibility of InfoKeeper, with the records center hosting the web server locally.

Software for media vaults

Media vault operators trust the accuracy and security of Visual Vault Keeper ® - the only vault software specifically designed for the vault environment.

Account information is online and on demand with VVKweb.NET™, enabling clients to access specific account details via the Internet from around the globe.

Software for destruction companies

Veri-Shred™ , ASI's latest addition to its suite of software solutions, redefines excellence in information destruction software. Excellence achieved through integration: state-of-the-art integrated scanner functionality; integrated accounting; and Veri-Shred is the only destruction software that integrates directly with VCK records management software.

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