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Hardware meets software

Software is only as good as the hardware that runs it. It’s why we’re passionate about providing our clients with reliable hardware that meets our strict standards of operational excellence.  Traditional hardware options such as scanners and portable data devices are more versatile and as rugged as ever. They also come equipped with Windows and Android operating systems and integrated voice and data functionality.  More recently, smartphones and tablets are also being used in the workplace for on-the-go productivity.

Understanding which device best fits your business applications can be a daunting task. From portable data devices pre-loaded with ASI software to scanners with ASI Mobile connectivity, rest assured the ASI team has identified the best of the best. For more info on factors to consider when selecting hardware for your RIM services business, contact us. We’re here to help.

Portable Data Devices & Scanners

ASI’s portable data devices and scanners undergo rigorous and continuous evaluation. We select solutions that combine outstanding features and performance like Honeywell’s ultra-rugged handheld PDA’s and mobile devices like the CN70.


From charging cradles to backup batteries and cables, we offer a wide range of accessories to keep your hardware functioning optimally. Contact us for more info.