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Visual Vault Keeper

The industry’s premiere media vault software

Visual Vault Keeper™ (VVK) is the industry’s first true vault management software solution. Launched in 2000, Visual Vault Keeper provided a powerful new software solution for media vaults that, until 2000, had relied on software originally designed for the offsite records center industry. Visual Vault Keeper works independently from your hardcopy software. It also integrates easily with VCK-SQL, ASI’s records center solution.

VVK trusted by media vaults worldwide

The world’s leading vault operators trust Visual Vault Keeper as their definitive solution to meet the rigorous information management requirements unique to the vault environment.

  • “Closed loop” program ensures operational accuracy by virtually eliminating the occurrence of time consuming and costly mistakes.
  • Integrated barcode scanner technology performs meticulous audits of customer tapes with ease.
  • Detailed operations and management analysis reports boost productivity.
  • Accountability combined with access builds customer loyalty.

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