“I am still a small operation (company of 1) but I use my storage software every week and continue to love it.  It works perfect for what I need and is easy to use.  I needed my daughter to fill in for me when I was on vacation and just left her step-by-step directions.  She had no problems getting the information she needed.  I don’t have to call support very often, but when I do I get answers quickly. Thank you!”
Deb Hamburger – Reliable Records Solutions

“Chicago Records has been an ASI customer since 1991. One of the key reasons we value ASI as our software vendor is their willingness to listen and to implement improvements and enhancements based on client feedback. Over the years, this collaboration has helped both our companies grow stronger and become more valuable vendors to our customers.”
Michael Jurczykowski – Chicago Records Management

“They used to be in the business. They know what they are talking about.”
Laurie Tandy – Carolina Records Storage

“We rely on ASI Veri-Shred software for many reasons. A key benefit is that it is a completely automated solution, which enables us to provide the most efficient and accurate service for our customers. It also employs wireless technology to transmit information to and from the driver and facility in real time, allowing work orders, routing and so forth to be easily modified. Integrated barcode scanning, digital signature capture and service details provide precise chain of custody documentation – critically important to our customers. We also like the fact that, as our services grow, ASI offers software solutions specifically developed for records and media as well.”
Monica Kenney – Kane Company

“I see Andrews as a partner, not a vendor.  They know the business not just the software.”
Lisa Ferrante, RHIA – Accurate Archive Record Management

“We are a dynamic warehouse operation filling in empty slots as they open up. I’ve used other industry software products and, unlike the others, ASI’s records center software requires you to wand everything for every action. Yes, it can be a lot of work on the front-end, but when a customer asks about a file or a box, I am completely confident of its location.”
Vance Gelbach – National Records Management

“They really make our lives easier.”
Barbara Falci – Data Storage Centers

“ASI incorporates the latest technology in easily implemented, turn-key software solutions. We also find the people behind the software to be invaluable and enjoy the annual User Seminar where we meet the ASI team and other clients to share information about the business and the latest software developments.”
Darryl Pikoos – Paper Cuts, Inc.

“ASI’s VVK vault software is a state-of-the-art system designed by a company that understands the vault industry. It provides 100% accuracy in our transactional processing, and is flexible enough to import data from any customer’s tape management system. It accommodates non-TMS tapes. Unquestionably, ASI and VVK are key to my business success.”
Tim Goodwin – The Data Center

“They help me be a better records center.”
Tina Ragsdale – Metro Business Archives 

“It is the people behind the software that make the difference.”
Summer Chase – Sequence Managers LLC