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New Year, New Solutions

At ASI, we aren’t making new year’s resolutions. We’re kicking off 2018 with new solutions. If your 2018 business resolutions include tapping into technology to expand services and you want to provide these services more efficiently than ever before, this is a great place to start.

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ASI Mobile for Android/iOS™ 

Smartphones are transforming business communications for the RIM services industry. Recognizing that drivers and warehouse staff are as likely to use a smartphone as a hand-held scanning device, ASI Mobile is now available for Android-enabled mobile phones. ASI Mobile for iOS devices is scheduled for release in February. A bonus benefit? It can eliminate the need to purchase proprietary mobile scanning devices, depending on certain factors.  Housing three scanning applications, as seen in these screenshots, ASI Mobile enables records centers and destruction companies to accomplish their daily operations with one solution – and now across even more mobile devices. Before installing ASI Mobile, you’ll want to confirm these system requirements are in place:
  • Latest version of VCK-SQL and/or Veri-Shred
  • Latest version of ASI Web Services
  • SSL on Web Services (required by      Android/iOS)

Get started with ASI Mobile

Confirm system requirements.

Download on Google Play™

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Medical Waste Module

Medical waste disposal Is one of the most dynamic sectors of the destruction industry, with a growing number of destruction companies adding it to their list of services. Not surprisingly, med waste disposal is also one of the most highly regulated industries. 

Attention to regulatory compliance is a key reason to consider the ASI Medical Waste Module. It’s part of the core architecture of the software. This includes encompassing critical regulatory requirements such as proof of disposal via manifests. 

See how we manage med waste step-by-step.

Destruction companies and their clients also appreciate these confidence-boosting benefits:

  • Android/iOS compatible
  • Multi-stage signature capture
  • Web-accessible digital manifests
  • Digital certificates of destruction
  • Chain-of-custody documentation

If you’ve been considering adding med waste disposal to your list of services, this is the perfect time to learn more about the Medical Waste Module and the many ways it will help grow your business.

ASI Mobile for Android Screenshots

Tech Tip: Consumer vs. Commercial Ruggedized Mobile Devices

Thinking about incorporating consumer-grade mobile devices into daily operations at your RIM services facility? Consider these factors:

  • Environment: Will the device be exposed to hot or cold temps for prolonged periods? What about humidity or dusty environments?
  • Durability: Can the device withstand being tossed around or dropped on a concrete floor?
  • Efficiency: How accurate are the device’s scanning capabilities? Can it handle high-volume applications? Does it have a long battery life?
  • Determine TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): Take into account the failure rate for each and the hard and soft costs associated with downtime.
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