ASI Archive newsletter, July 2018

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July 2018

MUSC's Go Green Program Sets Gold Standard

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We love to share stories of client success. When we decided to talk about medical waste in this months’ ASI Archive, I immediately thought of the outstanding work being done in this arena by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).  In 2017, MUSC recycled 27 percent of its total solid waste! Led by the MUSC Sustainability & Recycling Program,  the university’s goal is to reduce the environmental impact of its campus by advancing energy efficiency and water conservation, and encouraging recycling.  At 27 percent, MUSC is clearly on its way to becoming a sustainable campus. 

Examples of Reduce and Reuse at MUSC

  • Epic online patient record stores all patient information online. Less paper is used in this process.
  • My-fax is a fax system that uses no paper. Medical faxes are sent to this unique system.
  • MUSC’s Urban Farm composts on-site utilizing all reusable containers, paper and plastic bags.
  • Water bottle filling stations help users avoid the use and waste of plastic water bottles.
  • Two reusable office supply exchange rooms collect donations for reuse: three-ring binders, printer cartridges, binder clips, hanging file folders, etc.
Sustainability Manager, Christine Von Kolnitz, ACEM, CRP says the Program’s mission is to work closely with staff to guide departments and units to reduce waste and help them conserve resources, while continuing to increase the proportion of waste that is recycled. The campus-wide engagement of departments, staff and students is testament to the Program’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” hierarchy’s success thus far. Numerous awards and recognition  from the community and leading industry organizations are further evidence of the success of the University’s go green efforts.  
We applaud the efforts of MUSC and are proud to provide support to their go green efforts. Clearly, from cradle-to-grave waste management and recycling, the MUSC Sustainability & Recycling Program is setting the gold standard for helping build sustainable and healthy communities today and for future generations. 

Tech Tip: Sorting It Out with the Invoice Module

When accessing the invoice module, if you want to sort the view by any of the columns on display:
  1. Place a check in the “Search” field (upper right).
  2. Single click anywhere in the column you wish to sort.
  3. Hit 0 (zero)

The column will be sorted in order. If the column is “Invoice Number,” for example, it will be sorted by invoice number (in ascending order).  If the column is ‘Customer Name’, it will be sorted alphabetically.

Do this to reduce risk from employee mobile devices

“What happens when we terminate an employee and now they have ASI Mobile on their phone?”

This is an excellent question recently posed by an ASI Mobile client. The rise of personal smartphones used for business also poses higher data security risks for businesses. Unless a business app is removed or the user deactivated, the terminated employee is able to access customer and contact info and sensitive business data…just for starters. 

Protecting your business against data risk is built into ASI Mobile

First, and most importantly, deactivate the user in the VCK-SQL and/or Veri-Shred system(s). Should the terminated employee open the app, ASI Mobile pings the business sever to confirm whether he/she is an active user. If not an active user, access is denied.  Another great reason to not share user accounts.

ASI Talks Tech Security at Shred School

ASI is pleased to present “Technology – The Promises & The Threats” during Shred School’s upcoming event on September 12-13  in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Few businesses have a plan in place in the event they are hit with a cyber-attack. Even fewer are aware of the costs they could incur to recover from one.  In this session, ASI VP of Sales Jim Macmillan will: 

  • educate you on some of the “real” threats that life on the internet presents to every business today
  • discuss what can be done to protect your business from cyber-attack
  • share strategies to contain the damage if exposed  

Beyond the risks, Jim will talk about the role technology should play within a business organization today and the immense opportunities and efficiencies that can be enjoyed.If you’re new to the destruction industry, have staff who would benefit, or would like to earn CSDS continuing education credits, register today