ASI Archive newsletter, June 2018

The ASI Archive

June 2018

Now's the time for a mid-year business checkup

Summer’s officially here. Perhaps you’ll be taking a much deserved vacation, or leaving the office early on a Friday afternoon to kickstart your weekend. Either option is sure to refresh your mind, giving you a new perspective on day-to-day issues for your business. It makes summer the perfect time of the year to undertake a mid-year checkup of business performance. Are you on track to achieve your revenue goals? How’s your business plan stacking up? From sales and operations to IT systems, now’s the time to assess whether all is working as expected and adjust accordingly. 
IT systems are especially important. Be sure your evaluation is thorough. Include everything from server configurations and operating systems to your business applications. Microsoft, for example, recently reminded users of end-of-life support for some of its operating systems. 
I know what you’re saying. “You’re a software guy Scott. Of course you’re stressing the importance of checking the IT health of my business.” True enough. The way I see it, not doing so means your business isn’t gaining optimum benefit and performance – performance you’ve invested in to help grow your business. Even more importantly, outdated IT systems leave your business exposed to business-crippling malware, viruses and ransomware attacks. The threat of these nefarious incidents is real, as we’ve shared in these issues of The ASI Archive: February 2018 and April 2018
Conducting a mid-year checkup helps you and your team determine what adjustments are needed to keep you on-track to attain your business goals. It’s also about recognizing achievements and hitting milestones. Celebrate these. Like an early start to your weekend, it keeps you and your team motivated. That’s always a nice bonus.

Tech Tip: Microsoft R2 Done Too

Microsoft OS Expiring January 2020

Microsoft is reminding users that support for two of its operating systems — Windows Server 2008 R2 editions and Windows 7  — ends January 14, 2020. 
On that date, Microsoft will no longer offer any type of support for either of these operating systems. This will leave the operating systems open and exposed to outside infiltration because future security gaps will no longer be plugged by software updates. For Windows Server 2008 R2 editions, all three — Datacenter, Enterprise, and Standard — will be affected, including the Hyper-V role. 
Although 2020 seems like it’s a long way off, updating an IT infrastructure is a large task. Now’s the time to plan your migration strategy to ensure your IT systems – and ASI solutions – deliver hiccup-free performance.

NAID Shred School Opens Registration

ASI’s ongoing support of NAID Shred School  continues in 2018.  Shred School is designed to provide affordable training to all secure destruction industry professionals and NAID active members. For two days, attendees are introduced to the secure destruction industry, data protection legislation, sales tips, marketing best practices, NAID programs and more.  If you’re new to the destruction industry, have staff who would benefit, or would like to earn CSDS continuing education credits, now is the time to register.  

As an Event Sponsor, the ASI team looks forward to attending and participating in this year’s upcoming Shred School events.