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August 2018

The ASI office is closed on Labor Day Monday, September 3rd. Emergency support is available. 

Why I'll Always Be a Student

Scott Bidwell, President/CEO

Summer’s end. If I had doubts about this fact, they were dispelled earlier this month. That’s when  Jocelyn and I piled into the car with our middle son, Andrew, to join the caravan of parents taking our kids back to college. Having successfully placed him in the hands of higher education, we made our way home. As I drove along, I found myself reflecting that, the older I get, the more I feel I have to learn. This is far from what I thought when I was Andrew’s age. Like most twenty-something’s, then and now, I thought I knew plenty. Of course, the years have shown me time and again, how little I actually know. Luckily, rather than discouraging me, these instances have fueled my curiosity and desire to learn.

For those of us in the RIM services industry, learning opportunities are abundant. There are annual industry conferences and trade shows, plus smaller events throughout the year, all the more accessible with the recent merger of NAID and PRISM International, our industry associations. 

Shred School is a great example of a smaller event. These two-day events provide newcomers to the destruction industry with loads of valuable information from industry veterans and suppliers. ASI is proud to support Shred School as a sponsor and speaker this year and in previous years. As an FYI, September’s Shred School curriculum includes a presentation from ASI VP of Sales Jim Macmillan on technology and the opportunities and threats RIM businesses should be aware of. You might also like to check out Jim’s article below.

Like me, I’m guessing you’ve found that learning doesn’t always occur in a classroom. I can honestly say some of my most valued nuggets of knowledge came by observing others or speaking with them about their experiences. Again, I count myself fortunate to be part of an industry where peers are willing to share their experiences and insights. 

If your schedule and budget allow you to take advantage of these and other upcoming industry events. I hope you’ll take the opportunity. As Ohio businessman Henry L. Doherty said, “Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.”

asi mobile august 2018

A hallmark of some of the industry’s most successful companies is how well they embrace technology. Creating the right technology “ecosystem” to support and grow your RIM services business is imperative. No doubt, mobile technology is an important part of this system. Today, the use of handheld devices across businesses is commonplace, with more and more companies seeking applications that function securely on employees’ personal devices versus purchasing “business only” devices.  

Recognizing this trend, ASI launched ASI Mobile for Destruction Companies and ASI Mobile for Records Centers for Android- and iOS-enabled mobile phones. ASI Mobile houses three scanning applications, making it easy for records centers and destruction companies to accomplish operational tasks with one solution.  For example, drivers and warehouse staff are able to use their smartphones for daily scanning tasks such as capture e-signatures at point-of-service and manage route info. By investing in ASI Mobile, less investment is needed for proprietary mobile scanning devices, depending on certain factors. 

If you’re looking for a secure and comprehensive mobile scanning solution, let us show you what ASI Mobile can do for your records center or destruction company. 

3 Things to Consider for Cyber-Security

Jim Macmillan, VP of Sales

Being in the software industry, it should be no great surprise that I’m a fan of technology. As technology advances, it offers even greater opportunities for success – and risk. For example, I’ve seen first-hand how software helps businesses run more efficiently and profitably. Conversely, I’m aware of numerous cases where flawed security systems literally crippled companies. The fact is, that any device connected to the Internet is at risk of being hacked. From PCs to personal cell phones, the more entry points, the greater the opportunity for hackers to access our data. Soon, anything that can be connected, WILL be connected. 

Connectivity in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. The upside is that it increases our ability to share information quickly and improves our productivity (assuming you don’t find yourself watching hours and hours of cat videos). The downside is that being connected also creates countless new gateways for hackers to hijack important personal and business data. For companies, the stakes have never been higher. To protect your business and its critical data, consider these three areas: 

  1. Security: What systems are in place to protect your company against known and emerging threats?
  2. Vigilance: How does your company oversee the integrity of its systems? What’s the process for this? Who’s responsible?
  3. Resilience: Should a breach occur, what’s the protocol to react and recover from a cyber-incident? 

By working on these three areas, your business can drastically reduce the risks associated with cyber-attacks and fully realize the benefits that come with technology. 

Tech Tip: Get Your ASI Network Security Checklist

During the NAID 2018 Annual Conference, ASI President/CEO Scott Bidwell highlighted the cyber threats facing businesses today. Bidwell invited attendees to contact him directly for the “ASI Network Security Checklist” – a document that provides tips to help businesses take steps to protect their data from cyber attack. If you were unable to attend NAID or missed getting your copy, email Scott directly. He’ll be happy to send it, plus provide additional info to help you protect your business against cyber threats. 

ASI Talks Tech Security at Shred School

ASI is pleased to present “Technology – The Promises & The Threats” during Shred School’s upcoming event on September 12-13  in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Few businesses have a plan in place in the event they are hit with a cyber-attack. Even fewer are aware of the costs they could incur to recover from one.  In this session, ASI VP of Sales Jim Macmillan will: 

  • educate you on some of the “real” threats that life on the internet presents to every business today
  • discuss what can be done to protect your business from cyber-attack
  • share strategies to contain the damage if exposed  

Beyond the risks, Jim will talk about the role technology should play within a business organization today and the immense opportunities and efficiencies that can be enjoyed. If you’re new to the destruction industry, have staff who would benefit, or would like to earn CSDS continuing education credits, register today