ASI Archive newsletter, October 2018

The ASI Archive

October 2018

The Many Benefits of Multiple Hats

Scott Bidwell, President/CEO

I’ve spent time this month wearing a different hat or two – not all that unusual actually. Like many in the industry, as the owner of a growing SME, it’s often necessary to don different “hats.” Even when not required, I find that there are distinct advantages for entrepreneurs/owners/managers to seek opportunities to assume tasks outside the usual scope of responsibilities. Some of the key benefits that come from doing so include:
Gain a new perspective.
You’re responsible for making decisions for the company. These often affect multiple departments. Working within different sectors of the business provides a unique perspective, allowing you to make better informed decisions for your business.
It’s a great way to gain a greater appreciation for how various departments function. 
Spending as little as one day working within different areas of your business can be quite illuminating. It’s not unusual to see, very quickly, what’s working well and where improvements are needed. Asking questions and talking with your team to better understand how or why they’re doing something can also provide valuable insight.
It’s an opportunity to engage with clients and prospects in a different way to better understand areas of need.  

When you don a different “hat” the conversations you have with clients and prospects are different as well. For example, if your primary responsibility is in sales,  joining the support team for a day or two can provide valuable feedback, helpful in addressing future prospect questions or concerns. It’s also an opportunity to take client feedback and tailor messaging and client resources to provide more value.

The alternative hat I wore this month was the Support Team hat. After spending a few days assisting clients and responding to their questions, I realized that much of the information they were asking for could be found in the ASI User AreaI’m thinking many more clients might find these resources helpful as well. For this reason, this month’s newsletter includes an article detailing the many resources available in the User Area for our ASI clients

I hope you find the information needed to help you and your team get the most from your ASI software, regardless of what hat you may find yourself wearing.

Have an idea for a resource to add to the ASI Client Support Area?

ASI Oct 2018 tech tip image

Tech Tip: Hardware giving up the ghost?
Time to upgrade.

Are you still running your ASI software on a legacy system? Time to consider an upgrade to SQL. Sure, it can be a scary proposition. On the other hand, the cost to upgrade can be less than the cost to apply Band-Aids to keep that aging system running. With your upgrade, you'll receive SQL with Web Services, plus ASI Mobile for Android/iOS.

Have you visited the ASI User Area lately?

ASI User Area image Oct 2018
If you haven’t checked out the ASI User Area lately, it’s well worth your time to do so. After all, It’s the information hub for the latest ASI resources including:
  • Submit Support Incident
    Logging your support request is easy and immediate. View all incidents for your company or track individual incidents, depending on security access.
  • Release Notes
    Download for the latest in ASI software new features, enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Help Manuals
    Full-feature guide including tips and screenshots to help users get the most from their ASI software solution.
  • Resources
       – ASI User Area Help Guide
       – Links to industry organizations
  • Downloads
       – VCK-SQL
       – MyMobiler125
  • Discussion Feed
    View and search for answers to your ASI software questions, or submit your own. 
The menu items above are found along the left side when you login to the User Area. If not visible, click the “hamburger” next to the ASI Logo to expand the menu. Click the pushpin so it faces down and the menu should remain visible for the next visit.

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