ASI Archive newsletter, September 2018

The ASI Archive

September 2018

Hurricane Florence Reminds Us to Be Prepared

Scott Bidwell, President/CEO

Though initially a Category 4, Hurricane Florence made landfall along the Carolina coast as a Category 1 hurricane. Even so, the property damage and disruption from Hurricane Florence is expected to total at least $38 billion to $50 billion, according to Moody’s Analytics. This estimate could end up being conservative, as the Carolinas continue to face historic rainfall and flooding. Some have said it may be one of the top 10 most expensive disasters to hit the nation.
Initially, I found it somewhat surprising that a Category 1 hurricane could be ranked as one of the top 10 costliest disasters.  How could it cause such a high degree of damage? What I’ve learned since is that the devastation left behind by Hurricane Flo is due in large part to how slowly it moved.  At one point, meteorologists clocked its pace at a snail-like 3 miles per hour! For days, it dumped over two feet of rain, causing rivers and lakes to overflow and flood nearby areas.

Can your business weather the storm?

What this tells us is that we can never under-estimate or over-prepare in the face of a natural disaster. First and foremost, you want to ensure your family and employees are safe. Then, turn attention to your company’s disaster preparedness. From “check-in” apps and phone trees to testing daily backups, there are important proactive measures you can take today to protect against a future disaster, whether it be natural or man-made. 

Tips to take today to prepare your business for a disaster

Want to check your disaster preparedness? Here are two articles with excellent tips to help protect your business and make it more resilient in the face of a disaster – large and small.

Hurricane Florence Preparedness Tips: Proactive Disaster Checklist for Your Business

Tech Tip: One-Touch Scanning with ASI Mobile App

asi mobile august 2018

If you’re a destruction company using the ASI Mobile app, we invite you to check out a new setting designed to further automate the barcode scanning process.

“One-Touch vs. Barcode Scanning” eliminates the need to click the SCAN button twice when scanning a bin’s barcode. Instead, the first time “SCAN” is selected it immediately launches the device’s camera. Activating the One-Touch feature is easy as well. Simply check it off in the Settings menu and start scanning!

If you’re looking for a secure and comprehensive mobile scanning solution for your Android or iOS-enabled phone, let us show you what ASI Mobile for Destruction Companies and ASI Mobile for Records Centers can do for your records center or destruction company. 

ASI Shares Strategies for Tech Success at Shred School

Jim Macmillan Shred School 2018

During the September Shred School event held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ASI VP of Sales Jim Macmillan presented “Technology – The Promises & The Threats.”  Jim discussed the immense opportunities technology offers new and established destruction companies. He also tackled the real risks presented by technology. Attendees learned how they can protect their businesses from cyber-attack, as well as strategies to contain damage if exposed.