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ASI Mobile

Mobile scanning innovation for your media vault

ASI Mobile is a comprehensive scanning solution. It packs a powerful productivity punch with innovative tools that integrate, simplify and streamline daily operations for your media vault. For media vault clients providing records center and/or destruction services, ASI Mobile houses three scanning applications:  the driver scanning application, Veri-Shred and VCK-SQL. records centers and shred operators have long relied on

Multi-device mobile scanning

Whether using a handheld device or the newly released ASI Mobile app, with ASI Mobile in-hand, drivers are able to upload  and manage route info, capture  e-signatures at point of service, and email information – all from the palm of their hands.

Download the ASI Mobile info sheet for full features and functionality. 

ASI Mobile gets smart

Today’s smartphones pack a lot of power, are faster than ever, and perform loads of functions. It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are providing employees with smartphones for business communications. It’s also why ASI is responding to this mobile technology evolution by providing secure mobile access to ASI Mobile from Android-enabled smartphones. For our records center and shredding clients, this eliminates the need to purchase and/or use proprietary mobile scanning devices.  We’re excited to offer the ASI Mobile app.

Book a demo today. Once you see it ASI Mobile in action, we think you’ll be excited to use it too.