ASI Proud to Sponsor NAID Shred School – Again!

ASI Proud to Sponsor NAID Shred School – Again!

ASI’s ongoing support of NAID Shred School continues in 2018. As an Event Sponsor, the ASI team looks forward to attending and participating in upcoming Shred School events.

“If you run a destruction business, you are missing out if you aren’t attending or sending staff to Shred School,” says Jim Macmillan, ASI VP of Sales. “I truly believe there’s no greater learning opportunity than what Shred School provides through in-classroom training and networking with colleagues.”

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ASI CEO Scott Bidwell Tackles Cyber Security at NAID 2018

NAID Conference Attendees to Learn How to Protect Their Businesses from Cyber Attack

On April 14th, ASI President/CEO Scott Bidwell is set to share his presentation highlighting the threats presented by cyber attacks with attendees of the NAID 2018 Annual Conference & Expo coming to Nashville, Tennessee April 13-15, 2018. Bidwell’s session entitled “Don’t Be Held Hostage” will address:

  • How does a business fall victim to cyber attack?
  • You’re the victim of a cyber attack. Now what?
  • Steps your company can take today to protect against cyber-attack.

“Regardless of company size, without protection against cyber attack, it isn’t a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ your business will be held hostage,” says Bidwell. “Attendees of this presentation will learn what to watch for and how to protect against a cyber attack that could shut down their businesses temporarily – or for good.”

The NAID Annual Conference & Expo attracts the largest concentration of secure data destruction professionals worldwide. It features high-level educational presentations delivered by business and industry leaders and boasts the industry’s largest trade exhibition where conference attendees can access vendors providing the latest shred industry and medical waste technology and solutions.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Bidwell is an integral part of ASI’s growth and success, taking ASI from an in-house solution to a leading provider of RIM software solutions for companies around the globe. Bidwell continues to build upon the company’s legacy of growth through client collaboration and partnership. This includes being an active member of industry associations such as NAID.

New Year, New Solutions

Forget new year’s resolutions. At ASI, we’re kicking off 2018 with new solutions: ASI Medical Waste Module and ASI Mobile for Android/iOS. Check out the ASI Archive for January 2018 for more info, screenshots and download instructions. If your 2018 business resolutions include tapping into technology to expand your services and you want to provide these services more efficiently than ever before, this is a great place to start!

From Lost Job to Mega Success

If you’ve ever been in a position where the carrot being dangled at the end of a stick was juuuuust out of reach, or even taken away altogether, take heart. In 2010, after 11 years of working at Yahoo!, Brian Acton’s job was coming to an end. This networking exchange between Brian and recruiters is an example of how quickly things can change and how that lost opportunity could be exactly what you need to find your own path to success. In Brian’s case, success turned out to be an app purchased by Facebook for 19 billion dollars. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!